fb_img_14750695788026617.jpgHaving possessed excessively
Pulses lifts you obsequiously
Canonizing you with venerate
Won my own?,you deserve an adulate

Its genesis was infatuation
Your savor made it a devotion
Making every second of deify
Navigate the walls of this amity

Beyond faculties of fancy
Homage manifested through this feaity
Piety,strengthened the ardour
Hence,taking an oarth of total armour

Your whole lives me in amorousness
The tete-a-tete in rendezvous
Relishing cuddle in sequester
Living me clinch to wishes in the cloister

My tryst with a golden fondle
That confidentiality in the nestle
Clinch my popper,babe;dandle
Coming home,for a grapple

Pledging my allegiance
Forward with my amativeness
Only to sprout to your embrace
For you I feel more than an enamoredness



wp-image--701032974I’m looking at my body; I’m upset
It’s kinda tragedy; I feel absent
I’m feeling lost; yet I’m present
Just like a shadow; setting in sunset

Life;oh! my life ,so sweet is life
It’s good to be and hard to leave
Look at my children; look at my wife
Darkened like a shadow is life; yet we live

Beautiful memories are no more
The Sweet sentiments;I’m missing A-more
I feel blank but I’m thinking
My shadows fragrance; now’s stinking

Pictures are not emerging in my medulla
I can’t access the pin to my mulla
I feel broke yet not in need
Is this a shadow; I’m I dead?

Stretching my hand with no one shaking it
Sending a chilly down my spine rift
Everything not real; it puzzles
Life like a shadow; tears drizzles

My words seems quite
I which this journey to quit
Again my family joy to ignite
The shadow ‘s quite:aluta continua;it’s late

Time goes and seasons change
Every living is like seeding
Every graced day is a chance to change
Shadows sets and rise:but life is once living


wp-image-1615198481.My clock is ticking
Every beat of My heart is hurting
Ain’t anymore heartbeats but, it’s punching
My happiness strangled, My moments starving

Yes,time has lost essence
Every second count, validates my misfit
I miss the arguments,I miss too your glance
Starving of your smile, cursing my every thought

The whispers of glory
And the sighs when in merry
The title of our story,the reason of my writing
My candle needs not oil but starving to igniting

Its raining on me and I gat an umbrella
I lost my key, to drive my Cinderella
Freaking out,at still, my propeller
Starving of you,my hope in turmoil

Halla back, if you feel me darling
Emotional drought,my cards ain’t matching
I missed the content, atleast I gat the vessel
Starving so severe, someone tell this damsel!


wp-image--1475560064I know I’ve been quite but still alive
In life,at times we wait,its seasonal
When you can’t smell honey in the beehive
When ravens take charge and you see no dove
Its risking a life to swim with sharks,not natural

Life viewed at a different dimension
Its not all about viewpoint but also perception
To engage your emotions,a suicide of the mind
The opposite has made many blind
I’m Alive, building up my legacy on such dispensation

Pride is like a borne
Like a disease,see how its prone
Virtue is neglected and disowned
A time when man forgets ‘ being’ is temporary
I’m living like me,Alive in Him I tarry

There’s no justice in mob
Parental negligence is the foundation to future sob
The ‘prime’ Joy of single parenting
Why was Adam and Eve in the beginning?
I’m Alive,my mouth shut,yet eyes seeing

Purpose has been abused
Grace is taken for granted
Humiliation to the creator,and Word
Intimidation of self, damnation to the world
I’m Alive, Thus my spirit is grieved

Flesh is being invested unto
Assumption of fundamentals, ought to
Lead many not only astray,but to gnashing destination
Education has exalted baal and Illuminati
Love for money,life and sex,a key to own suicide


wp-image--1624803744O my life;even you;you are temporary
In you; I gat no victory
Yet,in you there is no celestiality
Cause you are bound in canality
O my life:my separator from spirituality

Yes, I’m in pursuit of purpose
However, I’m kinda lost in My cause
I need a spiritual dose
Yet,all my attempts, you set a pose
O my life: binding me on choice

Life! Life! Life!
You’re forcing me to find a wife
Many did listen to you, instead they found knives
Life! life! Life
O my life:at times you usher me trush

Life! MY best teacher
At times, even my preacher
Your lessons;oh! they kinder minister
Yet I fail at times,you test before you lecture
O my life: you make legends look like Amateur


wp-image--1674741488 Teach me how to stand
Am tired of crawling to withstand
Forsake not my desire,but attend
I belong to you , LOVE
Teach me how to behave

Without you, My life looses meaning
You influence is more than; Darling
Your love for me is firm and outstanding
I love you everyday,As I keep believing
Teach me each day, the essence of living

I hard to trace the far we’ve come
Yet I know we’re not done
You are to much for me, Prince Charming
Its your love that makes me blind
Teach me LOVE, I’m ready take my hand

MY soul is so enveloped in love
I have your peace and rest of a dove
A test of you,leaves me salvate
My heart pants;more of you to have
LOVE, Teach me to observe

I’ve tested and known that your gracious
Your chastening leaves me craving
I give my whole to you, My heart spacious
Keeping myself for you, counting all as nothing
Your promises,sweeter than honey to meditating

It’s you who takes the lead; Jesus
I give myself away;not even to pleasures
A devotion with you in time,worthies eternity
Waiting for your ring LOVE,a crown to this amity



wp-image-969591621First whisper of you was special in you
Can’t kill the thought:the leisure with you
I’m possessed:Obsessed;with all of you
Can’t help but say:say I LOVE YOU

Your first thought I’ve kept;brings impaction
Heart to heart moments:A nice reaction
Gorgeously made,Is this creation
Can’t help but say:say I LOVE YOU

A glance at you echoes eternity
Puts me at pace:In bondages of liberty
Drowning in the chase:A son of fate
Can’t help but say:say I LOVE YOU

My embrace of speciality;A relation to define
My feeling of delicacy:precious as old wine
Pathogenic engulfed ;yes,a battle fine
Can’t help but say:say I LOVE YOU

Your stare to my soul;via my eyes
In my heart:A visionary woman,tender and wise
Words can’t explain;A soul tie of we,my tantaliser
Can’t help but say:say I LOVE YOU

You are a beautiful preamble;one of a kind
Looking into your spectrum,I’m blurred
Lost in this testimony;I can’t tell my mind
Can’t help but say:say I LOVE YOU


wp-image--1206525209I desire a contrait spirit
To be broken at thy feet
That broken heart
That will worship you from the root
Because you are YHWH

Let my breath be in accord with your rythm
Melodies to flow from within
Worship that you’ll have authored
And praises that will live me conquered
Because you are YHWH

Help me overcome logics
That I may leave not on statistics
My foundation be on rhema
Far from the prince of drama
Because you are YHWH

When I look up the mountain
Whence cometh my help
Translate me to outstand
As I call out for your hand
Because you are YHWH

Am not:without you o
My wisdom is foolishness before thou
I want to be more like my maker
Your ordinances to define me
Because you are YHWH

Your love to me like fire
Like candle I’m molten
You,who knows my strength and fear
Like trumpet will I manifest in praises on zion
Because your YHWH

I love you;yes I do
Nothing;no one; no place will do
Even my life;count I nothing;for your glory
You are too much for me to worry
Because you are YHWH

The lament of a maiden for her youthful husband
Will Iament in pain when I trespass you dad
Knowing your tender mercies are new everyday
Let me not be a castaway
Because you are YHWH