fb_img_14750695788026617.jpgHaving possessed excessively
Pulses lifts you obsequiously
Canonizing you with venerate
Won my own?,you deserve an adulate

Its genesis was infatuation
Your savor made it a devotion
Making every second of deify
Navigate the walls of this amity

Beyond faculties of fancy
Homage manifested through this feaity
Piety,strengthened the ardour
Hence,taking an oarth of total armour

Your whole lives me in amorousness
The tete-a-tete in rendezvous
Relishing cuddle in sequester
Living me clinch to wishes in the cloister

My tryst with a golden fondle
That confidentiality in the nestle
Clinch my popper,babe;dandle
Coming home,for a grapple

Pledging my allegiance
Forward with my amativeness
Only to sprout to your embrace
For you I feel more than an enamoredness


In genesis my spirit was flavoured with words
Her notes,in their integrity articulated themselves
In my veins was no more blood but her spiced love Wisdom appeared merely linguistic minutiae,t was love

She was mysterious and mystical
Her voiced ideas were at times psychiatrical
Seemingly so profound, a breathtaking damsel
Her eyes spoke a language and,t was sophistical

Her slender throat aided her vocal modulation
Think of her legs; oh my, like exclamation points
Physically,shes beguiling;highly charming and on
An attractive waist arousing desire, hope and wishes to taste

She taught me presumption givin’ me assurance
Recreating in me whistful ignorance
Intellectually dishonesty – I became complacence
Love made me adhere scrupulously to her principles

Through her specs I had a vision of the galaxy
That our soultie would be born in ecstasy
My soul was left groping for light
As reality made my heart walk through a trackless desert

I had eyes, no, I was blind, okay,I was sincere
Yes I was, she introduced me to her sphere
Like cabbage – I was in her buggage
With no reason, ditched me to the garbage, oh she was wild

It’s true I miss her bewitching power to fascinate
Having her back is like a deadly combat
Even though my emotions have nowhere to patch
I’m wiser now, selfishly my heart I’ll watch



fb_img_14750705413005340.jpg I’ve been through summer
And you still capture my wonder
The winter came and spring
But you still qualified for my ring
Ma candlelight, beautiful Eve

A learnt there was Autumn
And prophecy came of my u_turn
We stood firm against unknown
And our love managed to reign
Ma candlelight, beautiful Eve

My fateful bliss
You deserve a king not a Prince
You’ve grown to be a princess
With a personified elegance
Ma candlelight, beautiful Eve

In ma heart you make merry
Your smile Forever I carry
Having you, I will die if I tarry
Mother of my kids,lets marry
Ma candlelight, beautiful Eve