fb_img_14750695788026617.jpgHaving possessed excessively
Pulses lifts you obsequiously
Canonizing you with venerate
Won my own?,you deserve an adulate

Its genesis was infatuation
Your savor made it a devotion
Making every second of deify
Navigate the walls of this amity

Beyond faculties of fancy
Homage manifested through this feaity
Piety,strengthened the ardour
Hence,taking an oarth of total armour

Your whole lives me in amorousness
The tete-a-tete in rendezvous
Relishing cuddle in sequester
Living me clinch to wishes in the cloister

My tryst with a golden fondle
That confidentiality in the nestle
Clinch my popper,babe;dandle
Coming home,for a grapple

Pledging my allegiance
Forward with my amativeness
Only to sprout to your embrace
For you I feel more than an enamoredness


wp-image--1747065789I love when you whisper my name
My ears itch to hear of the same
Your vocals modulation leave me tantalised
Before thee:I stand paralysed
Cheez!you making me blash A-more

Gazing at the milky way
Cloud; stars and galaxy
I thought the moon was beautiful
Yet looking at you seals that null
Cheez! You making me blash A-more

There is something with that smile
Gravitates me in thoughts yet you’re a mile
I feel an urge to walk you down the aisle
Or take you on a horse ride if not a mule
Cheez! you making me blash A-more

Stretch your hands lemme see your nails
Yet looking at me:that stare in your eyes
I feel convicted:love merchandise
Wanna be your green light:street paradise
Cheez! you making me blush A-more

Be this religion and I be that priest
In our lemon yard blending lemonade at sunset
My morning bliss:my lily and the best
Just step on:I’m that royal carpet
Cheez! You making me blush:A-more

At times you looking at me and I look away
Not that I shy but because I pray you stay
Your presence makes me potent
Even voice of triumph in toment
Cheez! You making me blush A-more

Amore! Amore! the suicide to my bachelorate
That aroma in my buffet
My royal eternal scent
All are null:you only my expedient
Cheez! You making me blush A-more


wp-image-1205289055Unison with him breaks condemnation
This is vital and true by embracing meditation
How can covenants be purchased?
Can we still find peace; which we were purchased?

There is the Abrahamic covenant
He staggered not in Faith till it’s print
Of Ishmael’s marriage which was blessed
Isaacs;was blessed:promises of God

Where’s my generation rooted?
Through Faith;in His Kingdom,adopted
Yet,poverty,sickness,rejection left me chained
Self pity and flesh;overwhelmed!

I need my liberty
Yes am rich but not happy
Nothing is good;everything seems crapy
My soul is torn:zipped my joy

Someone help me;I just need a voice
Is my life a curse or some vice?
Life slaps me and smiles!
Unchain me:make this pain to seize!

It’s not my body but also my soul
Still on earth;yet living a hell
Somebody talk to me:a don’t wanna yell
Speak to me at least on call

You stare at me without an answer
Your pitying hammers like thunder
Why these plagues:Is my Faith asunder?
Text me the codes of a redeemer


francy-20160930_220230.jpg.jpgShow me a church today
I will prove your lying at day
What we have are personalities in dens
Killing destinies by scratching like hens
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost come again

I know there are true sons
Yet the devil too has true sons
Both cases standards are risen
But triumph comes only from the risen
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come again

Where is church of the Apostles?
Yes; where too are the Antioch-like disciples?
Has the doctrine been translated?
Or has the world been assimilated?
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come Again

I miss the old religion
The days when FAITH outshined education
Cause what I see is not a church
Sons forsakening purpose:embraced research
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come Again

Familiarity has mothered daughters
Foundations; gates:and Alters
Soul ties too have a government
Love of money has been preached by merchant
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come Again

Where is the fire that filled the church?
“..Thou sayeth the Lord..” is no longer much
Cars:house’s:colognes and designers
Have majored the gospel of preacher’s:teachers
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come Again

We want society revolutions
Yet we have forsaken self revivals
We minister because we know the word
We no longer study the word to be ministered
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come Again

Times are not evil
It’s man who has embraced the devil
Righteous men! Foundations are broken
It’s time to rebuild:to reconcile the forsaken
Pentecost! Pentecost! Pentecost! Come Again


wp-image--490439367Where can I find peace?
I want to live at ease
I’m bleeding in these pieces
My freedom became a corpse
Salvage! Salvage! Salvage!

Am robbed of my rest
Memories are raping my heart
Who will be there to account
The lost focus:dreams standing antagonist
Salvage! Salvage! Salvage!

Where is liberty?
To console my tears in condemnation
Who wounded our sanity
And left us in nudity
Salvage! Salvage! Salvage!

I want to hear someone answer?
Where did we blunder?
What went asunder?
None linked to our reminder!
Salvage! Salvage! Salvage

Our purposes are chained
Our emotions deprived
Rights:thoughts at stake
Insight is not prompt
Salvage! Salvage! Salvage


wp-image-241057843Just like a passing glance it is
Its basics are free to make it ease
Every living is sowing
Every second is owing
Life is but just life

It’s just a moment
A while in terrestriality
Then we bade bye:assimilate celestiality
It’s like a tangible sentiment
Life is but just life

Today we’re present;tomorrow we left
Knowing or unknowingly we sow;next is havest
Based on choices: sweet or bitter are the result
Like a fragrance fragment
Life is but just life

It’s like a big book given to us
Every minute writes from our hearts
It’s like the heart of time
Even seconds count
Life is but just life

Many have tried to change life
Yes;yet failed cause they’ve not overcome self
Life is about now
Embracing Faith:and seeking knowhow
Life is but just life




I hear a voice proclaim
Then I hear a melody of the same
A chorus in a chord with a name
Holy Holy Holy is the Anthem
I straighten my focus:yet deserted

“Behold,you are not alone son”
This time it’s clear and gentle to listen
Delight fills me:I feel not the pain
I’ve heard the voice;anxious to see this man
I press on:above from the bed:Deserted

My body lays helpless
I smile seeing science end:doctors are helpless
A moment when intercessors are hopeless
Saints are rejoicing;the earth in silence
Am reaching out to a hand:So long deserted

I’m smiling;I see sons of men crying
I’m reaching out for my beloved;not replying
I hear some are mummering
I see not the reason for their worrying
Ave been alone:were they alive? Deserted

A hand is stretched
It’s radiating glory:I stand mesmerised
“Welcome son:you truly persevered”
“Witness my readiness:trumpet’s long awaited”
Abiding in glory;whom the world deserted

He releases my hand after a moment
“Go son and attest.”
“Tell them:door’s open,waiting for trumpet”
“Let them persevere,I overcame the world”
Through it all let’s stand;though deserted



wp-image--1541175586I can’t live with the thoughts of yesterday
When we had merry;covenants for a better day
Never dreamt that you will live someday
Misments are on;miss how you called me daddy
Still I can’t explain why you left me soledad

To you my heart was a palour
A generator of beautiful sentiments galore
Cause you are the one i all time adore
A carrier of my generational bollore
Still I can’t explain why you left me soledad

I’ve heard of the lost Boyz
Not yet revealed to me of lost ribs
It still appears to me as a puzzle
How you made my feelings a quiz
Still I can’t explain why you left me soledad

To editors this is a sweet tale to boost
Ego:career wise blockbuster
To me it’s a slap on my face
Love made crapy:stale and without sense
Still I can’t explain why you left me soledad

I’m not calling you back
Cause ego stinks:behold hasn’t crack
Neither is it a call to pity party odour
However, I know even broken crayons colour
Still I can’t explain why you left me Soledad