fb_img_14750695788026617.jpgHaving possessed excessively
Pulses lifts you obsequiously
Canonizing you with venerate
Won my own?,you deserve an adulate

Its genesis was infatuation
Your savor made it a devotion
Making every second of deify
Navigate the walls of this amity

Beyond faculties of fancy
Homage manifested through this feaity
Piety,strengthened the ardour
Hence,taking an oarth of total armour

Your whole lives me in amorousness
The tete-a-tete in rendezvous
Relishing cuddle in sequester
Living me clinch to wishes in the cloister

My tryst with a golden fondle
That confidentiality in the nestle
Clinch my popper,babe;dandle
Coming home,for a grapple

Pledging my allegiance
Forward with my amativeness
Only to sprout to your embrace
For you I feel more than an enamoredness


What’s the pressure all about..?
Why worry yet you dictate my pulse..?
This feeling can’t be measured, it can only be felt
Finish counting the Stars n feel our hearts playing a duet

You’re my beacon of love and bliss
The epitome of love, my soul craves
Am hypnotized with adoration feelings
And I feel trapped by your sparkling, lovely eyes

Am yours today and you have me forever
Am confident that death won’t set our souls asunder
Your magical embrace will be like ocean currents caressing the beach
Hand in hand in summer dancing to the melodies in your breath

My romantic candle light, here’s your red wine
Envelope my heart in your veins, I’ve surrendered to your charm
Listen to my heart, it’s singing out a story of a twin
The whispers are careless but the octaves send a message home

Give me a kid, we are one, your mine and am yours
So we three can form a chord, three keys thus  harmonious
Hitting the high notes of our love as you kiss my soul
Let’s celebrate love tonight, just the two of us.. lol..

My angel, I can’t get enough of your splendor
Can we run to a secluded place and live forever after..?
I am Noah, like the ark I built by divine inspiration
Because am yours, forever and always you be my attention

Daniee, all am saying is I’ve always wondered what happiness was
With your smile now I can define beauty and joy
”Knowest thou..?,” your inner glow radiates peace and love
You married a preacher, dont mind me…. you’re the cause

Am yours, Yes I am, just affirming,
Like a deep volcano see how I’m burning, with desires of you
This is the genesis, a road to a lifetime of never endings
Let’s built a legacy by first define our utopia, Noah is for YOU

#To My Brother and Friend, Pst Noah Muasyia Kitho.
#I love you brother and am happy for your wedding.
#May these words inspire you Guy’s to cleave and love to eternity.… You just began.



This kind of affection breaks banks
The flow is so harmonious and its guarded by the shores,
Shore’s of our souls as it wades, beyond the celestial ranks
’til death feels insane, your measure will equal my wanting

How our wholeness converge is beyond mortal perception
Like petals opening out in spring, your touch is skillful, a mysterion
Am drained of life and filled with the unnoticed but necessary you
’til death feels insane, am longing for forever, my soul’s awe

Come alive with me and drink from my kisses
My pecs will light you up like shooting stars
As I  fill your cup kindly sip me slowly like old wine
’til death feels insane, your warmth will make my haven

Oh your touches, by the stretching of your tender hand..
The accidental keys, you trigger on my muttonchops
Darlington.. if equal affection can’t be, lemme be the one loving you and
’til death feels insane, ’cause I’ll love you with a love that hopes

Please notice that there’s a place in my heart that will never be filled
And thus as the sun clumps the earth and moonbeams kiss the seas, you’re my world
I’ll live to hold you close, you inhabit my heart.. my air that I breathe
’til death has no power in us, deaf and blind I’ll dance with you to my death



She’s not just a sister but a wife and a mother
Not just a good thing but made custodian of favor by her Potter
Life flows through her womb, as empowered by the Author
She brought forth the lamb, to candles she’s a lighter
When she’s praying, she’s praying a faith a prayer

In her brokenness, she smiles and says it’s fine
In her loneliness, her husband is her wine
She’s a tigeress, see her in the closet
Her knees are dark for she sprint’s in the spirit
When she prays, she prays her heart out

Wakes up early, she’s an early bird
Before she gets on heely, she meets the lord
Her goals she sets, first for her family
A challenge to her mates, She’s the pride of her Billy
When she prays, her chord is faith and will

Shes has battles, but who knows…
When she kneels, Her challenge bows..
She Sweet to her own, bitter for the world
She dances to her song, her rythme is the word
When she prays, her family can’t be preyed

She’s a mystery on the move
How she’s filled with grace and love
Her revelation is deep and wide
She flows in the Spirit at realms few can wade
When she prays, you’ll know shes spirit led

She’s a woman, not desperate of ravens
She’s a weapon, beauty with brains
She’s a reason, her husband is winning
She’s exceptional, even and captivating
When she prays, she walks in power, signs, she’s a wonder

She’s worthy crowning
She doesn’t deserve the crying
Her worthy can’t be quantified
And with little she’s satisfied
When she prays, shes can’t be compromised